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Privacy Policy

We provide a privacy policy to assure our clients’ personal data and information safety. We protect your data confidentiality and use the information provided for the following purposes.

  • We only ask for your personal information when we need it to provide you with top-quality services.
  • We use the gathered information as it is required by the law.
  • We assure maximum control over personal information, search results, personal data storing and managing for our clients.
  • We always reveal the methods and reasons for sharing, collecting, and storing your private data.

We use the mentioned principles to manage and assure a Privacy Policy provided below in detail.

What is Our Privacy Policy?

The company that manages this website is called Meowessay.com.

We gather and use the client’s personal information defined in this privacy policy section when the clients use the following:

  • The Company’s official website;
  • Android and iOS official applications;
  • Additional services offered on the website.

We recognize your full right to protect your personal data and assure its safety. The “Personal Data” concept stays for any kind of information that concerns you and denotes you as an individual. We protect the mentioned data and assure its security and confidentiality. You will find a detailed description of the information we collect, use, storage, and share presented below. We always provide variants for controlling information for you. If you need any additional information on our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

How We Get Your Personal Data

We can get your personal information in two standard ways – right from you or from our associates (through lawful arrangements, like official contracts, regulation acts, legal obligations, etc.). We receive your data only once gaining your permission and consent. We can get permission from you directly or from our associates who have the required permission from you to share the information.

What Information We Collect

Once visiting our website and using its services, the following information is collected:

  • Your IP address;
  • Type of device used to access our website;
  • Procedural information;
  • The ways of interaction.

Check more information about our policies in the cookies policy section. You can get more useful information about the data and detailed description of the information we collect and the process of information managing and storage below.

# Information Types Main reasons for gathering the information
1 The location of a user
  • The verification of a user
  • Avoiding an illegal and deceitful use of our official website and accounts’ resale
  • VAT and tax purposes
2 The email of a user
  • Communication means
  • Marketing and advertising information supplying
3 The first and last name of a user
  • The verification of a user
  • Supplying of bills and taxes of the user
  • Avoiding duplicitous use of the website and accounts’ resale
4 The phone number of a user
  • The verification of a user
  • Instant communication means
  • Advanced customer support
5 The address of a user
  • The issuing of bills and invoices

Reasons for Collecting Personal Data

We collect and store personal data of our customers for the following key reasons:

  • To deliver ordered services of top quality;
  • To remind about services and products you were attentive to in the previous sessions;
  • To provide full information about a service or product;
  • To fulfill the Company’s agreement responsibilities;
  • For legal purposes;
  • To provide you with information about your permission to receive data about our services and products.

Key Reasons for Collecting Your Personal Information

We can collect and store your personal information for the two following reasons: once we have your approval to gather personal data due to an agreement or law; when we have your permission for a certain action like receiving promotions, etc.

Main Reasons for Managing Your Personal Information

We collect and proceed with your private info in the following cases:

  • You signed up an agreement with us;
  • We got your personal permission;
  • You ordered services from our website;
  • You stated your desire to share the data;
  • When we are required by law to do so.

The Ways How You Share Your Information with Us

We can get your private information when you use our services or share our content. We use the received information in the following ways:

  • Once filling a form or contacting the website;
  • When placing an order on the website;
  • Commenting on our content and leaving feedback;
  • Contacting us on the phone.

You can share with us information on personal, educational, financial or other content.

Information We Gather On Other Sources

In case you use any other websites that we operate or order services from our associates, and share data with them, we can save your personal information.

We can also get your personal data from third parties like business associates or sub-contractors in financial, technical, and delivery fields, advertising networks, and other sources who have permission to collect and share your personal data. We can store the files you download, upload, and access once using our website.

Please, do not share with us the files you have no right to use. You are also forbidden to share personal files of third parties without their consent. We cannot assure the security of third partied files, thus avoid sharing these files with us.

The Parties We Share Your Personal Information With

When we have legal approval or your individual permission, we can share your information with other parties. In particular, we can share data with the following parties:

  • Our Company’s marketing department that sends you advertising and promotional materials;
  • Our Company’s legal partners and sub-contractors, when we need to fulfill our contracts responsibilities;
  • Our affiliates as stated in UK Companies Act 2006 (section 1159);
  • With certain third parties when you gave your authorization for it.

Additional Reasons to Share Your Personal Data

In a case, the Company with its properties are attained by a third party, the private data and information will be relocated to the mentioned third party.

There are additional causes why your private data can be shared with certain third parties, including the following:

  • We comply with legal obligations when it is requested;
  • We can share the personal data when it is legally requested by one of the governmental agencies;
  • In order to assure and fulfill our website agreements (containing Terms of Use);
  • In order to protect the safety, rights, and property of our clients;
  • In order to prevent possible fraud or any kind of risk.

Anonymized and Aggregated Information

In rare cases, we can provide other parties with anonymized and aggregated information. It means that personal information will be sent anonymously, without your personal data declared. This information mostly includes statistical data and does not include personal information. At the same time, you can refuse to share your personal information.

The Ways We Store and Process Your Data

We store and process your data primarily in the USA and EU. With this privacy policy accepting, you allow us storing the data outside the mentioned states in case we have needed storage facilities. We use the latest and advanced technologies to encrypt the data you share with us and secure it from any unauthorized access of third parties.

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