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Dissertation vs Thesis: What Is the Difference

21 April 2020
Dissertation vs thesis

When studying at a university, you often hear about the dissertation and thesis. You probably think that this is the same thing, but the truth is that these are different types of paper. At first glance, the similarities between the papers are minimal, but they are used for different purposes. Both dissertation and thesis require involvement in the topic of research and a willingness to devote themselves to writing.

When creating a graduation paper, you must show the ability to analyze, think critically and use resources. Besides, be prepared to follow strict work structure and deadline requirements. The main similarity between the dissertation and thesis is the need to show your best. Now let’s move on to the differences.

The concept of writing a dissertation

The main difference between the dissertation is that this paper is needed to obtain a Ph.D. You must show the ability to delve into research, compare resources and implement your point of view. This paper is required at the end of the master’s program, so you should post on paper your knowledge for the entire course of study.

The main difficulty lies in the uniqueness and protection of the work. A dissertation has a much larger scope than a thesis. This means that you must be extremely careful using every resource to avoid plagiarism. Keep a synopsis to sort resources by the group and stick to the correct quotation.

This work requires full involvement in the topic and resources for its analysis. However, do not miss the chance to take advantage of this paper. With the help of a dissertation, you can publish a new look at a familiar topic. You have enough space to offer a new theoretical approach and prove it in practice.

Features of a dissertation

If you are writing a dissertation, then you want to realize yourself or confirm knowledge in this subject. Come up with your approach to research and build a paper around your point of view. You must prove its right to exist.

Here are the distinguishing features of the dissertation:

  • The size. The dissertation is twice as large as the thesis. You need to make links to all resources and research used. You must also be extremely literate and structured.
  • A responsibility. Your task is to develop a new approach that has not been used by anyone in a simple field of study. Show your maturity, ability to argue and defend a point of view.
  • Uniqueness. This paper requires a variety of resources to reinforce your position. Moreover, sometimes you should pick up data that contradict your words so as not to look biased. The dissertation should focus on your views and approaches.
  • Courage and sincerity. You should talk about your assumptions about future results. Think about how you can contribute to the development of the topic. Perhaps your theory can be widely used or published in authoritative sources.

The concept of writing a thesis

The thesis is a mandatory paper at the end of the magistracy. You must show the skills of analyzing and comparing the sources that best discuss the topic. The thesis is the result of your studies at the master’s program, so it is necessary to show your acquisitions in that field of study. The paper consists of research analysis and selection of relevant data.

Unlike a dissertation, this paper requires its research based on an analysis of existing resources. You must show critical thinking and evaluate the information for credibility. With the writing of the thesis, you should already have the ability to distinguish credible sources.

You must show a desire to study this topic since the next step is graduate school. Forget about boundaries, find a new look at old data. At the beginning of the thesis, you must suggest your path to confirm the theory.

Features of a thesis

The thesis is supposed to be much easier because it does not require hypotheses. This paper should evaluate the acquired knowledge, not your best practices.

Take a look at the features of the thesis:

  • The paper size is approximately 100 pages. This is much less compared to the previous type.
  • Structure. In appearance, the thesis resembles a research paper. The steps to complete the task require analysis of the subject of research, the collection, and comparison of data and the formation of conclusions.
  • Assumptions and analysis. In the introduction, you should write about plans and expectations regarding the results. This is a more emotional paper.

Compared to a dissertation, writing a thesis seems easy enough. In addition to the standard structure, you should add a list of used literature and data on which you relied.

Final thoughts

Graduation is always connected with many papers. Unlike documentation, writing a dissertation or thesis raises doubts and difficulties. With the help of our article, you will understand what type of paper is required of you. Use brainstorming to create a paper structure and come up with critical elements.

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