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What types of plagiarism exist?

14 April 2018
different types of plagiarism

When a student is asked to complete a written assignment, not depending whether it is an essay or a research paper, he or she goes online to look for the necessary information.

While some of them simply collect data and complete the assignment on their own, others are tempted to copy the example and deliver to their professors. It is a great solution, isn’t it? You will save time and nerves, and will be able to continue enjoying yourself.

However, there are strict laws, when it comes to copyright and you can not only obtain law grades but also be fined or get into jail. Are you ready to risk your future?

Want to know what are the types of plagiarism? Then go on reading!

what types of plagiarism exist

Definition of plagiarism

Any time you steal someone’s written paper, whether it is a dissertation or simple homework, and deliver it as if it was your own, you are committing a crime that is called plagiarism.

Imagine how unfair it is to spend months or even years on collecting information, analyzing it and writing an essay, and finding out that someone has downloaded it just in a couple of seconds. Do you want to be that person?

However, apart from obvious ones, there are different types of plagiarism and you need to be well aware of all of them to make sure you are safe.

Types of plagiarism

Students often try to find out what types of plagiarism exist to be sure that they are not doing anything illegal. We are ready to provide you with a full list of plagiarism types to help you always remain on a safe side!

  • The most common and strictly illegal type of plagiarism, which is prohibited across the world and can be considered a pure fraud, is the direct one. It means that the student has copied a part or a whole work and delivered it as if it was his own. He didn’t use any quotes or citing, never mented the author;
  • This type of plagiarism won’t cause you any legal stress, like a fine but you may risk your future at high school or college. It appears, when you copy and submit your previous work. For example, you deliver a high school essay, already being a college student. It is called cheating and can greatly influence your reputation;
  • By accident. Accidental plagiarism happens, when you forgot to cite a certain source or a part of your paper. It happens with one or two quotes and obviously is not the common situation with every source you use. That is why it is very important to learn various formatting styles. Moreover, there are quoting websites and software, which help you to form all the sources according to the guidelines;
  • It is a sort of plagiarism, when a student copies a certain phrase from the source without quoting it correctly. It is quite a lame attempt to make a great paper without a fear of being caught. However, modern plagiarism software detects such phrases and you may easily get yourself into troubles!

Remember that trying to save your time and to have fun with friends by downloading ready samples online, you are using someone’s intellectual properly. Imagine yourself working day and night on a research and seeing that someone pretends to be its only author!

It is better to spend some time on data collection and a research, completing an essay or any other type of paper than always feel the stress of being caught.

How to avoid stress

Of course, it is almost impossible for a modern student to deliver all the assignments on time and to complete them without any mistakes. Some students simply can’t attend all the classes due to work or personal matters.

However, most of the students care about their grades and want to get a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree, so they need a crystal reputation, without any accusations in plagiarism.

Despite the fact that there are different forms of plagiarism, it remains a fraud and it is better to use legal ways of getting help with a written assignment.

You can always use an online plagiarism software to check your paper before the delivery. This will help you to make sure that your assignment is original and that your professor won’t be able to accuse you.

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You will be sure that your paper will be delivered on time, contain no copied parts and will be formatted in a proper way. Moreover, you can always ask for a plagiarism report and be sure that your assignment is written from scratch.

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