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What Is A Term Paper, And What Parts Does It Consist Of?

22 December 2020

Students need to write a research paper called a term paper at the end of every semester. This assignment is essential and requires thorough attention to fulfill it in time and get excellent marks. Writing a term paper is not easy. You have to spend a lot of time and effort in exploring and researching information and writing the paper.

The writing process normally consists of several steps, and structuring your paper is one of such processes. If your report consists of several chapters, the process of structuring may take a lot of time. Formatting the chapters in one of the academic formats also takes time. In this article, you will know about the main structural parts of a term paper and brief recommendations on how to write them.

The Title Page of a Chapter

In the middle of the first page (the title page), you ought to write the paper’s title, your first and last names, your instructor’s name, the department, and the date.

The Acknowledgment Pages

When you want to be polite and thank people who assisted you in exploring your research and writing the assignment, you should write your acknowledgments on the second page.

The Table of Content of a Term Paper

In this part of the paper, you provide a list of chapters with their page numbers, pages for diagrams, tables, and other visual elements.

The Abstract

The abstract contains a brief overview of your paper (its main points and topic, what research methods you used, the hypothesis, and acquired results). You will be provided with definite guidelines for this project, and you won’t be allowed to exceed a certain number of words, so make sure you should write this part in concise and clear language.

The Introductory Part (Introduction)

In this first section of your report, you disclose the topic of your paper, and clarify the reasons why you have chosen it, write the hypothesis and principal variables. The introductory part is considered important as it can make the reader engaged and enthusiastic about your work.

The Literary Review

In this part of the paper, you give an overview of studies and research that have been made concerning the topic. You should explain why the research is up-to-date and significant.

The Research Methodologies

This part of the paper contains detailed data on special methodologies used in your research and how you have implemented those methodologies. You should dwell upon research variables, research methods, and a research model.

The Results

In this part, you should write about the correctness of your hypotheses and other findings of the paper.

The Recommendations

This part of the paper should include the author’s views and recommendations concerning conducting prospective research on the future topic. It is the part where you can demonstrate your creativity and the ability to think and analyze the data and predict the possible development of the area of research. Think of several compelling ideas to make the recommendations part up-to-date and relevant.

The Bibliography

In this chapter, you enlist all academic sources that you used to gather information for the research. Remember to use only reliable academic sources. Use all sources in the ABC order and format the bibliography list correctly using the required formatting style.

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