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Statistical Report: What Is It and What Is It for

6 May 2020
Statistical Report

In the lessons of economics or finance, each student studies statistics. This is the science of analyzing and grouping data for ease of reading. A person engaged in statistics should know the mathematics, be able to analyze and structure the data. Moreover, this subject requires the ability to think critically to assess the likelihood of results.

The statistical report is an academic paper that requires knowledge and statistics and the necessary formats of writing. You must select a research topic and conduct statistical analysis. Besides, your research should be in the form of an academic paper.

In this article, you will discuss the structure of a statistical report, the necessary paper elements, and typical errors in a task. You will learn how to select an interesting topic, structure your report, and check the work.

The required steps to complete your statistical report

To write a statistical report, you need to choose the right topic, paper structure, and format. Your paper should be targeted to a specific group of readers. This means that before starting the assignment, you must determine the target audience. Analyze the potential reader, his interests and hobbies.

The statistical report is a specific task that discusses the numbers and frequency of occurrence of certain events. To reach a wider audience, the topic of research should concern each person. Despite the statistical analysis, you can choose both medical and psychological topics.

The critical steps in creating a statistical report are the selection of a relevant topic, the structuring of work and the selection of a suitable format. We will discuss each item so that you can write a report step by step.

The concept of statistical writing

The statistical paper should discuss current issues and propose a

solution to them. There is no standard spelling, so you can move away from the dry structure and add your conclusions. This type of academic writing tests your ability to analyze information and think critically. As you write, be skeptical about data and compare different resources.

The critical elements of the statistical report

For the paper to have high readability, you must structure it correctly. You have probably come across reports in which the entire text is filed in one solid piece, or divided into a couple of paragraphs. This is disrespectful to the reader since it is difficult for him to find the arguments, the resources used and the opinion of the author in the text.

Break the paper into these elements so that it is well structured:

  • Abstract. This is an excerpt from a paper that describes key points of the study. An abstract look like a small essay, with which the reader can get acquainted with the topic of the paper, the reasons, and objectives of the study. This element should be placed on the first or second page, however, it is always placed before the first paragraph of the main text.
  • Introduction. In the first paragraph, you should talk about your motives when choosing a topic. The reader must understand your motives and want to contribute to the research. Add a hook in the form of a fact or quote that causes the discussion. Form the thesis statement if paper size allows it.
  • Body of the report. Unlike essays and research, the main part of your statistical report should consist of research results. To put it another way, you should place all the data that states some results. For instance, if you write about social media’s influence on young people, you have to pick up credible sources that did deep research and conducted a survey among teenagers.
  • Conclusion. The finishing paragraph is to summarize the results and perspectives of the research. State your mind, rephrase the thesis and conclude the ideas. Pick up the relevant data to strengthen your final thoughts.

Choose the proper formatting

Usually, the teacher specifies paper size requirements. However, he can also leave the choice to you, to allow you to show analytical abilities. The most popular formats for the statistical reports are Chicago, APA, and ASA. For example, if a student examines psychological statistics, he will most likely choose APA. However, if the research topic is about humanities or natural science, you should consider using Chicago.

Fields of one inch and single-spaced formatting are suitable for a statistical report. Depending on the format, place your name, course and paper name in the upper right corner of the first page. Complete the header and footer to number the pages and consolidate information about your name and topic of the project.

Typical mistakes to avoid while writing the statistical report

The statistical report may include tables, infographics, and diagrams. This means that in addition to the usual mistakes in the text, you can make many additional mistakes. Here is a list of points to be careful with:

  • Mistakes in grammar, vocabulary or punctuation.
  • Double-spacing, if it is suitable for the paper.
  • Unusual font or text size.
  • Missing rows in a table or chart.
  • Too small or large fields.
  • Lack of numbering and footers.
  • Invalid logical sequence.

When checking the work, be careful and review each paragraph twice. Your opinion may be biased as you have put a lot of effort into writing a report. A good solution would be to contact the online statistical reporting services. You can get help from professional academic paper writers.

Best tips on how to improve your statistical report

Besides avoiding mistakes, you should know the tricks that contribute to obtaining a higher score. We have prepared the following list:

  • Write an outline. This is a paper plan that will help you sort the information so you don’t miss anything during the writing process.
  • Find examples of statistical reports. You can turn to undergraduates or visit the university library. Good samples will help you find the right approach and style of writing.
  • Use only credible sources. Remember that everyone can edit Wikipedia, so this resource should not be used. Instead, explore nationally recognized sites and news publications.
  • Carefully proofread your paper. You can lose a lot of points due to carelessness. Check citation format and logical transitions between paragraphs. Estimate the probability of an error in the statistics.

Be attentive and focused. Use brainstorming to create good text at short intervals. Remember that a statistical report requires a deep understanding of the research topic, so read a variety of resources and take notes.

How can I receive the highest mark?

Using our instructions, you have every chance to create a high-quality statistical report and get a good valuation. Doubt your strength? If the deadline is close and you are out of inspiration, contact our online paper writing service. We offer the services of qualified writers with a degree. Hurry up to order your statistical report from professionals!

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